Signs Radio Contract

Ogden Standard Examiner

April 7, 1940


 Just received word from New York that Robert Walker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace H. Walker, has taken another step toward fame in his dramatic career. He has signed a contract with Proctor and Gamble to play the leading role in a dramatic serial to be broadcast over NBC network every morning starting some time next month. He also had a part in the play, “Against the Storm”, over NBC last Monday morning.

Phylis Isley Walker, his wife, who had signed a contract to appear in a series of Western pictures, was forced to postpone its fulfillment to await the coming of a blessed event which she expects some time this month.

Both of these young people have been mentioned by leading columnists in Hollywood including Hedda Hopper and Jimmy Fidler as having a brilliant future in store for them. They work on the radio and stage. Having watched their careers for the past few years and predicted success for them both, this column is anxious that the breaks will continue to come their way and that another Ogdenite will illuminate the highway of the drama.


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