Newspaper Clippings - 1948


January 23, 1948 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Bob Walker loves his part in “One Touch of Venus.” In the picture he will sing and dance. When I asked if he could sing, he said, “No. But I'm doing it.” The one picture Bob wants to do above all others is “Look Homeward, Angel.” He has read the script four times, and says it gets better with each reading.

Bob's parents, who have been here all winter, are living with him. He is anxious for his two sons to return from Switzerland . They are 7 and 8. “But,” says Walker , “sometimes I think they are older than I am.” When asked about his love life he said, “What's that?” Bob's a nice kid and when given the right part, one of our finest actors.


April 8, 1948 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times) 

For four years Arthur Ripley had an option on the greatest story in town, “Look Homeward, Angel,” but no studio would take a chance on it. Finally the story went to Paramount . Now Ripley has been signed as producer-director at Metro, and is looking for a story. Van Heflin, John Hodiak and Robert Walker – all Metro stars – wanted to play in “Angel.” Inconsistency, thy name is Hollywood .


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