Newspaper Clippings - 1950 

February 6, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Walker and Whitmore “Roman Holiday” Stars

Bob Buckner wrote and original, “Roman Holiday,” about a young priest and an ex-convict who was a bum. Bob went to Rome to find locations for the picture, got the script okayed by the church and the Breen Office; then his studio, U-I, said they couldn't cast it. So Bob sold it to Metro for Bob Walker and James Whitmore, with Clarence Brown directing. It will be filmed in Rome during Holy Year. They promptly changed the title to “When in Rome .” Seems Frank Capra owns the “Roman Holiday” tag.


February 7, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Kathryn Grayson gets Bob Walker for her next picture, titled, “Grounds for Marriage.”


February 16, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

 Bob Walker Stars in Old Salem Story

Bob Walker joins Ethel Barrymore in “Running of the Tide” for Metro, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Lana Turner also played in that Salem Clipper story, because when the studio bought it , they had Lana in mind for the leading feminine role.


March 8, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

I phoned Bob Walker to ask about his romance with Nancy Davis. He said, “She's a charming girl. I wish it were true. We've had only five dates.”



May 2, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Robert Walker is really getting the parts at Metro. After "Vengeance Valley” he moves into one of the male leads in “Three Guys Named Mike,” for which Van Johnson and June Allyson have already been set. It's the story of an airline hostess who's romanced by a trio of fellows all called Mike.


May 27, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

When Bob Walker goes to Canon City, CO, to work in "Vengeance Valley,” his two sons go along. They have more cowboy gear than a cowboy.


June 26, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Howard Keel has been named by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to take over the role previously announced for Robert Walker in “Three Guys Named Mike.” The photoplay by Sidney Sheldon is described as a comedy about airline hostesses. The cast will include also Jane Wyman, Van Johnson and Barry Sullivan.


September 7, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Gene Kelly wants to play the priest in “When in Rome ,” the picture Metro originally wanted for Bob Walker for, then decided to rewrite for Spencer Tracy. Bob's turned down two stage plays, and at present has no picture commitment.


October 13, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Bob Walker's worried. Worried that he may not get to play the best part of his career in Alfred Hitchcock's “Strangers on a Train.” Bob tells me it's a role any actor would cut off his right leg to play. “It would mean the start of my career,” says he. Don't think Bob needs to worry. I'm sure if Metro hasn't anything for him they'll lend him to Hitchcock.

David Selznick (husband of Bob's former wife) has a picture for him in England . Hal Wallis wants Walker and so does Howard Hughes. That's a lot of wanting.


November 30, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Looks like Bob Walker had found his play. Maurice Evans wants him for “Golden Boy” at the City Center Theater in New York .


December 20, 1950 (by Hedda Hopper, Los Angeles Times)

Robert Walker is thrilled pink, because starting Jan. 1 he'll have his two sons with him for an unlimited time. Ordinarily the boys live with him only on weekends and during the three summer months, spending the remainder of the time with their mother, Jennifer Jones. Because the boys are so crazy about the ocean, Bob plans to build them a beach house above Malibu where they can indulge in their favorite sport, surfboarding.


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