The Ogden Standard Examiner

Sunday, August 2, 1959


Michael Walker’s in town with a world of enthusiasm about Ogden.


“It’s quite a city,” he said, “and growing tremendously. I consider it a typical American town. You know – a lot of people know each other and all that. Just the type of town I’d love to settle down in and lead a normal life. It’s different from the towns I’m used to.”


He laughed: “Maybe, one reason I like it so much, too, is because my grandparents live here and you know how much I love them. I just wish I could be with them more often. Salt Lake is wonderful, too.”


The handsome 6-foot-2 son of Jennifer Jones and the late movie star, Robert Walker, was speaking of Mr. and Mrs. Horace H. Walker, whom he, with his friend Steve Silverman of Beverly Hills, Calif., is visiting.


They will leave today for Denver to visit friends and then will go to Mike’s other grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Isley, parents of Jennifer Jones.


After returning to his home in Beverly Hills for a short stay, Mike plans to go to New York to be with his mother and her husband, David Selznick, for the rest of the summer. He will enter the University of Sorbonne, Paris, to study French civilization for the time being.




“I’ve had some offers for the movies,” he said, “but I turned them down until I talk with my parents about them. I want to get their advice first.”


He said he was fascinated with motion picture work.


“But to me it’s still a dream world,” he said, “even though I live around it. You sort of go along with it, you know, and don’t notice it too much.”


He laughed and continued: “I just might take a crack at it one of these days.”


He told of how a girl thought she saw him on TV not long ago and he had to convince her that it was his father Robert Walker, and not he.




“It’s my brother Bob, who looks like Dad,” he said. “He’s the image of him. And I think he’ll go into the acting business too, although he says no, right now.”


Bob is in Zurich, Switzerland studying music and majoring in piano.


“He’s great,” Mike said. “He has a real talent on the drums, too. He played at the International House in Hollywood for several weeks. He’s nearly six feet now.” He laughed. “He’ll be catching up with me soon.” (Mike is the younger.)


“I’m sure Bob will be an actor, eventually,” he went on. “How can he miss? He’s a natural.”


Bob and Mike, although their schooling has separated them somewhat lately, are very close as brothers.


“We were together last Christmas in Austria and Paris,” he said. “And I’m going to see him again in September for a couple of weeks. I guess we’ll get together a lot while he’s in Zurich and I’m in Paris, especially on vacations. We’re still pals, you know. Always!”


And so, it will be interesting to watch the progress of these two boys, born of parents with such outstanding talent. No matter what, Ogden always will have a claim on them because of their late father, Ogden’s own movie star.








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