Myrt and Marge


Myrtle Vail and Donna Demerel

Bob Walker as "Tad"

Bob Walker as "Tad"

Myrtle Vail and Donna Demerel in the studio

Cast of Myrt and Marge

(Bob Walker, Last Row, Far Left)

Movie Radio Guide, October 1940

Myrtle Vail (Radio Mirror, July 1941)

Donna Demerel as "Marge"

Helen Mack replaced (the late) Donna Demerel as "Marge"

(Radio Mirror, July, 1941)

Radio Broadcast History:

November 1931 - Jan 1937 CBS Weeknights

Jan 1937 - March 1942 CBS Weekdays

Theme: Poor Butterfly

Writers: Myrtle Vail with Cliff Thomas

The creator of the show was the star Myrtle Vail (Myrt) who used her own life in Vaudeville as the inspirtation for her character and that of her actual daughter Donna Damerel (Marge). Stories were filled with chorus lines, gangsters and romance.

Robert Walker played the role of Tad Smith during the early 1940's and was quoted as saying Myrt and Marge were the kindest people he knew, "They're Tops!"

On a sad note, Donna Damerel died at the age of 29 on February 14, 1941. Although actress Helen Mack replaced her as "Marge" the show ended in March of 1942.

A "Myrt and Marge" movie was made in 1934.


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