"If You Had A Date With Bob Walker" by Alyce Canfield - Motion Picture Magazaine - June 1945

"Bob is one young man who doesn't look at all 'Hollywood'. If you had a date with Bob Walker, he'd arrive at your house very conservatively dressed, either in a gray or blue business suit.

You'd discover that he wears glasses off the screen. You'd also discover that although he seems serious, he has a quiet sense of humor that you'd like.

He'd take you dancing to a spot where the music is good -- Ciro's or the Mocambo, probably. He'd prefer a larger floor, since he loves to dance, but he'd never brave the crowds of the Palladium.

Only in spots where the Hollywood-wise congregate would Bob be recognized. That is because Bob, in reality in his mid-twenties, looks much younger on the screen -- about 21. The glasses he wears in real life also act as a disguise.
In the famous night spots, however, you'd be photographed about every ten minutes.

He loves movies, and -- if he didn't take you dancing -- he'd take you to see a good picture. His favorite actress is his ex-wife, Jennifer Jones. He thinks she's terrific.

Bob likes the girls he takes out to be attractive and have a sense of humor. He also likes them to be adaptable, so that if he says, 'Would you like to drop in on so-and-so?', you won't turn out to be a dud.

Better fortify yourself for discussions on a large scale. If Bob drops in at a friend's house with you in tow, the evening will go in into the wee sma' hours
with Bob hot in discussion."

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