Maudie's Diary

Mary Mason and Robert Walker


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"Maudie and Davy"

(Scholastic Magazine, 11/3/1941)

Mary Mason and Robert Walker


Charita Bauer was the "second" Maudie. She later starred in the long-running televsions soap opera, "The Guiding Light."


Radio Broadcast History:

Aug 1941 - Sep 1942 CBS

Writers: Adapted by Albert G. Miller from the stories by Graeme and Sarah Lorimer

Orchestra: Elliott Jacoby

Original Maudie Mason played by Mary Mason - later replaced by Charita Bauer

Robert Walker played Maudie's boyfriend, Davy Dillon

Maudie's Diary was a light comedy based on the diary entries of a teenage girl.

In the Old Time Radio soundclip episode copyright by CBS: Maudie is Charita Bauer, Davy is Robert Walker, and Mr. Mason is Bill Johnstone


August 2007 Newsletter from Metro Washington Old Time Radio Club


Letter "signed" by Maudie sent to fans of the show!

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