"Bob Walker's Date Bait Quiz!" by Florence Pritchett - Movie Show - September 1945

"If you've decided that Robert Walker is pretty much your type then you'll want
to know the kind of gal Bob likes. That's why Movie Show asked Florence
Pritchett to corner him, on a date, and get the lowdown. At first he felt kinda
silly about it but when he got started he had plenty to say. Here it is!

Questions by Florence Pritchett
Answers by Robert Walker

Question: If a girl accepts an invitation extended after nine at night, do you
consider her a good sport or too eager?

Answer: She appears much too eager which is not smart, so she should not accept
the invitation. The boy might want her to, but afterwards he'd wonder why she
did accept.

Question: Is a girl less a lady when she gives you her phone number if you have
cut-in on her at a dance without a formal introduction?

Answer: I don't think her less a lady exactly, but I do think it's a bit dumb
on her part. If a fellow really wants to meet her he'd find a way. It makes
her appear not quite as well brought up as she should. (For all other people, I
would say, never give your number out, but if I'm the one who's asking, it's all

Question: Should a girl be flattered or insulted if boys should whistle at her?

Answer: She should be insulted because it usually is a sign that she has a
flashy appearance that signifies cheapness. Instead of whistles, she should
strive to be the type that is 'Oh'd' and 'Ah'd' at.

Question: Having been thrown together but never introduced while vacationing at
the same hotel, is it all right for a girl to accept an invitation from one of
the male guests?

Answer: Yes, if she likes him and he seems like a gentleman. There shouldn't
be much danger at a resort and it might be a cure for lonesomeness.

Question: Do men consider a girl who kisses them on the first date a

Answer: Not necessarily. Her easiness is not determined by the time element,
but by the way she does whatever she does. Actions speak louder than words!

Question: Should girls pay any attention to the line some men pull of, 'Unless
you kiss me, I won't take you out anymore?'

Answer: Absolutely not! Any guy who pulls such a line is really a jerk so he
isn't worth the effort. Forget about him.

Question: If you've chatted with a girl on a train for two days and you want to
see her again, should she give you her home address?

Answer: She should not give it out. A man would be a fool not to ask, but I
think she would be a fool to give it to him on such acquaintance.

Question: Should girls ever drink to excess?

Answer: I don't think there is anything quite so unattractive as a girl who
appears intoxicated. It affects her voice to say nothing of the ugly lines her
face falls into, and it's never funny or smart to be that way.

Question: It is right to accept expensive presents from men with whom you are
not terribly well acquainted?

Answer: To my mind, that puts a girl in a very strange position and other people
will wonder about it and think her cheap.

Question: Should girls accept presents of money, or borrow money from men?

Answer: Never accept presents of money under any circumstances. Borrow if you
have to, if the man is a very old friend of yours, but despite what he may say,
be sure to pay it back.

Question: Is a fancy 'line' the thing for girls to use when out with a boy?

Answer: I think that girls underestimate boys too much. 'Lines' are dishonest
for the most part, and make a gal seem phony. Even young boys can tell or smell
a line when they hear it, so I'd say that in the long run it pays off better to
tell the truth.

Question: In being 'one of the boys' as far as a sense of humor goes, should
girls tell or laugh at off-color stories?

Answer: Tell the men to shut up and they'll respect you for it. Do not tell
such stories or even laugh at them.

Question: Is it all right to go out with married or engaged men when their
wives are away?

Answer: Girls who go out with married men are asking for trouble, I think. If
the girl is married and her husband is away, it's fine for her to go out in a
group, with old friends. It doesn't look well for her to go out with men alone
and sit in a corner in a cosy twosome. This will reflect on her, and make a
fool of her husband in other's eyes.

Question: How much should you flatter a man concerning his various attributes?

Answer: A man never really wants to be flattered if he knows it's a lie. You
can be honest and still be tactful. Don't try to kid him. He does like to be
flattered a little bit though, just as a woman likes to hear complimentary
remarks about herself.

Question: Which is the more attractive, the frank and open woman or the coy

Answer: The frank and open type with a touch of moderation. Never be so frank
that you seem unfeminine. I think coy women are positively revolting.

Question: Is it all right to break a date with a legitimate sounding reason?

Answer: Yes, it's all right if the reason is a good one. I would tell a girl
to go jump in the lake if the reason sounded doubtful, but if I really wanted to
take her out again I'd try to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Question: What would you think of a girl who broke a date because she found
something better to do the same night?

Answer: I'd tell her to make up her feeble mind and that would be the end of
her as far as I was concerned.

Question: Do you prefer a business-like or a friendly attitude from girls who
work for you?

Answer: Definitely the business-like attitude is the best, I think. You can be
friendly without putting your relationship on a personal basis. If it becomes
too personal, both feel strange about giving or taking necessary instructions.
I say, get the work done with a smiling, pleasant attitude, pay for it, and then
forget it.

Question: Just for the sake of being seen out, should a girl accept a date?

Answer: I think that if it means she will be with someone who is objectionable,
she should stay home. Besides, if she dates someone she doesn't give a rap
about, lets him spend his money, and is bored stiff, a girl is being a gold
digger and I don't think she should let anyone see her doing it.

Question: In dealing with a man who has a doubtful reputation is it wiser for a
girl to govern her feelings by how he has been to her, or by what others say
about him?

Answer: Usually by how he has been to her, for he may have had cause to be
nasty to the 'talkers'. She must think of herself, too, however, as people are
quick to say 'birds of a feather flock together.' If she doesn't consider
herself, other nice men might start to wonder.

Question: If a girl works for a man who asks her out, and she doesn't want to
accept, what should she do?

Answer: I believe that she can say no without putting him on the defensive and
making him feel silly. A man should know better, but if he's a pretty nice
boss, just tactfully let him think it might be pleasant, if you wish, then
firmly decline in a gracious way.

Question: Is it wise for girls to go out with men much older than themselves?

Answer: Definitely not. To me it is absolutely disgusting to see pretty young
girls playing up to men old enough to be their fathers. When the boys their own
age come back they'll brush off 'an old man's darling.'

Question: Do you approve of girls going in groups to places where men should
accompany them?

Answer: Not to nightclubs -- it looks awful. Some cocktail lounges are all
right if the girls behave themselves well.

Question: Can any ladies be picked up?

Answer: If they can be, they shouldn't let themselves be.

Question: Is putting on airs and pretending to be something you aren't a wise
approach to men?

Answer: You'll never fool anyone! Always be yourself -- always be natural!

Question: What do you think of girls who go after their best friend's beaux?

Answer: It makes them look grabby and shows a weakness as far as a thing called
loyalty goes. At first the man may be flattered but after a while he'll wonder
whom she'll be after next.

Question: If a man is conservative, should a girl change completely to suit
him, after he fell in love with her the way she was?

Answer: Not completely,, but I'd say she ought to change a little. It's always
good to meet people half way, and if you're in love that shouldn't be so hard.

Question: Should girls listen to men on the subjects of nail polish, lipstick,

Answer: Yes, to a certain degree, for men sometimes see things about such
lily-gilding that girls miss.

Question: Is it correct for a girl to order her own food etc. when out with a
man? Should a girl sit alone in restaurants that have bars adjoining?

Answer: Always let the man order, unless he tells you to. Don't sit in those
places alone, for to me, it always looks as if a girl wants to be picked up.
It's her own fault if someone gets fresh.

Question: When out with one man, should a girl accept an invitation to dance
with another whom she may know and meet there by chance?

Answer: That is the worst possible taste, unless her escort says it is Okay and
means it. If the other man wants to dance, let him take her out.

Question: Is it better to introduce your escort to other attractive girls of
your acquaintance, or should you be possessive?

Answer: If he wants to date other girls, he will without your help. If you
introduce him to your pretty friends, it shows you trust him. I'm sure he'll
admire your generous outlook, and like you better for it.

Question: What do you think about belittling the man you're out with the
others, or discussing and ridiculing a former date in front of other men?

Answer: I loathe girls who constantly tear down others -- men or women! It
looks like a bad case of sour grapes. To condemn or make fun of an escort is
downright rude.

Question: Does it destroy a girl's femininity to be proficient in athletics?

Answer: That's a crazy idea, because it doesn't have to. There are some
Amazons who carry their prowess too far, and that's a bore. I like women who can
play a fast game of tennis and ride a horse and enjoy the sports I enjoy.

Question: What do you think of a girl who flirts with other men when on a date?

Answer: I think she is silly, especially if she does it to make her escort
jealous. It annoys the man she is with, as he feels that she is only out with
him to meet others. It pleases his ego to see other men interested in her, but
she shouldn't reciprocate by being a flirt.

Question: Is reading a man's love letters to your friends a good idea?

Answer: No, and people think less of you for doing it. Even if he is a bit
corny give him the break of not making fun of his sincerity. And for goodness
sake, don't do it to show off.

Question: Does it make you jealous to have a girl mention other suitors? Does
it arouse your interest?

Answer: To my mind, that's a pretty dumb way to try and interest a man. He
probably assumes you've had dates because he'd hate to feel that only he found
you desirable, but let the past be the past. Don't discuss it."

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